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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Library and Information Studies @ FIX University "a place for independent study"

LIS 517 - Government Publications

Course Outline


Calendar Description:

The control and dissemination of government publications, using the Canadian system as a model applicable to other political jurisdictions.


To develop an understanding of the structure of government and the ways in which government generates information.
  • To examine and discuss critically matters of acquisition, organization, and uses of government information.
  • To study the nature and scope of official sources of government information.


Canadian federal and provincial government information, maps, statistics, legal resources, and international organization, U.S., and U.K. publications.


Lectures, discussions, readings, in-class exercises, guest speakers, tours, and student presentations.

Course Relationships:

Pre-requisites: LIS 501, LIS 502, and LIS 503.

Assignments and Evaluation

  • Class Participation: 10/100 marks
  • Reference Assignments: 35/100 marks
  • Paper (5 pages, excluding references): 25/100 marks
  • Web Guide/Presentation, including class handout: 30/100 marks

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