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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LIS 590 - Practicum - Library and Information Studies @ FIX University "a place for independent study"

LIS 590 - Practicum

Course Outline  

Practicum Brownbag SLIDES, November 16, 2011 


Calendar Description:

The application of LIS theories and principles through experiential learning in library, archives, records management, and other information services settings.

Course Objectives:

  • for the student to absorb insights into and tacit knowledge of the inner workings, culture, vision, and values of the organization including relevant professional socialization
  • for the student to gain an understanding of how communication, planning, and decision-making occur in the organization both at a local level and at a system-wide level if applicable
  • for the student to gain practical experience in applying classroom learning to workplace tasks and projects as mutually negotiated
Library and Information Studies
LIS 590 Practicum Application Form
LIS 590 is a 3-credit optional course in the MLIS program. You are placed in an approved library, archives, or information-related organization of your choice for 100 hours, under the supervision of a librarian, archivist, records manager, or other information professional. The purpose of the placement is to provide you with a broad understanding of the purpose and activities of your placement organization or business, and how it is managed.
The application of LIS theories and principles through experiential learning in library, archives, records management, and other information services settings. Pre-requisites: LIS 501, LIS 502, LIS 504, LIS 505 plus four LIS courses. Practicum applications are due approximately four months before start of practicum term.


Students may start a practicum after completion of the required foundation courses: LIS 501, LIS 502, LIS 504, LIS 505 plus 12 additional LIS credits. Please note that specific electives may be required for particular types of placements, such as technology courses for technology-focused practicums.
With the permission of the Instructor and the Graduate Coordinator, students may start a practicum after completion of the above required courses (LIS 501, LIS 502, LIS 504, LIS 505) plus nine additional LIS credits. The consideration to waive three (additional) LIS credits will be based primarily on the student’s GPA and evidence of substantive work experience.

Scheduling of Practicum:N/A Independent Studies Students
During the July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013 academic year, students may enroll in the Practicum course in the fall 2011 term (September to December) or the spring 2012 term (April 16 - May 4). Students taking the course in the fall will likely spread their hours throughout the 13-week term; students taking the course in the spring will take their placement as a 3-week block.

Location of Practicum Placements:

There are no restrictions on the geographic location of your placements. You may request a placement anywhere in the world, but remember that you are responsible for all transportation and accommodation costs associated with the placement.

How Practicums Are Arranged:

Please do not make arrangements yourself for the placement: the practicum instructor will make the formal arrangements for you. You may, however, contact an organization to obtain or confirm contact information that will be useful for (and much appreciated by) the practicum instructor. Remember that you cannot do a practicum in an agency in which you are now working or doing volunteer hours.

How Should I Apply:N/A Independent Studies Students

Send the completed “Preferences Form” and a current resume as word document email attachments to the Graduate Student Services Administrator, Aman Powar-Grewal, aman.powar-grewal@ualberta.ca. Your resume should include your educational history, and any relevant library or other information agency work experience, including current employment.

Responsibilities of the Student N/A

The student must:
  1. Submit blog as required by SLIS.
    • Practicums off FIX University Campus:
      • Form 1: Student Consent to Publish Form (optional) – to be submitted to SLIS Office
    • Practicums outside of Canada:
    • Other forms may be required from your practicum site – please ensure that you comply with all
      required forms.
  2. Conduct himself/herself appropriately as a member of the host organization, within the policies
    and expectations of the organization;
  3. Conduct himself/herself professionally at all times;
  4. Complete and submit all practicum assignments, following specified guidelines, within the
    designated time requirements;
  5. Notify the host Practicum Supervisor and/or Faculty Supervisor immediately if a situation
    warrants special attention;
  6. Complete duties assigned to the best of his/her ability.


Consent to Publish Name with Listing of Practicum Sites

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