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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Library and Information Studies @ FIX University

LIS 586 - History of the Book

Course Outline

Calendar Description:

The historical, aesthetic, and economic bases of the artefacts known as "books" and their role in the recording, preservation, and dissemination of ideas.


  • To provide library students with an appreciation of the role and context of books in civilization.
  • To provide an historical overview of the evolution of the tools, materials, and techniques of book production.
  • To introduce students to the role of rare books in research libraries: namely, their interpretation, use, and exhibition, as well as environmental and other preservation issues.


This course follows a chronological path from the advent of the codex to the emergence of printing and the mass production of books. Paper-making, typography, book-binding, and modern private press publishing will also be explored. Issues of housing and conservation will be discussed, as well as the duality of the book as both physical artefact and intellectual repository.


Instruction encompasses lectures, videos, field trips, and class presentations.

Course Relationships:

Prerequisite: LIS 501.

Some Recommended Reading

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