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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LIS 535 - Advanced Topics in the Organization of Knowledge

LIS 535 - Advanced Topics in the Organization of Knowledge

Course Description
Calendar Description:
An examination of the principles and practice of indexing, abstracting, thesaurus construction, metadata, or other topics relevant to the organization of knowledge.
Objectives and Contents:
  • To examine and apply the principles of indexing, abstracting and subject analysis.
  • To examine and apply the principles of thesaurus construction and use.
  • To examine thesaurus applications in new indexing environments such as subject gateways, portals and digital libraries
  • To examine the role of metadata in organizing knowledge
This course explores the theory and practice of three core areas of information work: indexing & abstracting; thesaurus construction; and, the application of thesauri on the Web. The focus for all three areas is the application of principles for effective information retrieval.
A combination of lectures, small group discussions, in-class and computer-based exercises, and computer demonstrations will be used throughout this course.  Where possible, guest lectures and/or special presentations will also be included.
Course Relationships: 
LIS 501 and 502 are prerequisites for this course.
Required Text:
 Cleveland, Donald B., and Ana D. Cleveland. 2001. Introduction to indexing and abstracting. 3rd ed. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited.
Optional Text:
 Aitchison, Jean, Alan Gilchrist, and David Bawden. 2000. Thesaurus construction and use: A practical manual. 4th ed. London: ASLIB/IMI.

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