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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Library and Information Studies @ FIX University

LIS 545 - Management of Human Resources

Course Outline 


Calendar Description:

The field of human resource management and its application in library and information services.


At the completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Determine how to provide effective leadership to the most important resource in any library and information centre - the staff;
  • Identify the various principles and practices of human resource management applicable to library and information centres;
  • Identify strategies to lead within unionized environments; 
  • Understand the concept of Situational Leadership as it relates to human resource management in libraries and information centres; 
  • Understand their own strengths as they develop self-knowledge about their potential to be effective library leaders. 


Differences between personal and position power, management and leadership.
Conflict resolution, interventions and dealing with "problem" employees.
Identification of various leadership styles and their effectiveness in human resource management.
Key competencies for effective leadership, self-assessment, and planning for self-development.


Lectures, guest lecturers, case studies, readings, class discussions and papers.

Course Relationships:

Pre-requisites: LIS 501 and LIS 504

Assignments and Evaluation:

Resume/Covering Letter         25% 
Case Study 30% 
Summary Report 35% 
Class Participation 10% 

Assignments and Evaluation

  • Interview Process/Role Play

    Students will select an actual job ad for a Librarian position and prepare a résumé and covering letter in response. Mock interviews will be presented and students will constructively criticize the "performances" of both the interviewers and the Interviewees.

    • Management Case Study

      Teams of three students each will receive a unique case study that they will interpret, analyze, present solutions and discuss with the class. (A methodology to follow will be provided by the Instructor). In addition to learning from the contents of the case, decision-making skills will be developed by students.

      Each presentation should be approximately 20-25 minutes in length, including class discussion. A 3-5 page paper will be submitted outlining the approach taken by the team with reasons to support that approach. 
      Due Date:
      • Presentations and Paper - March 12th, March 19th
      Value:   30%
       Class Schedule – 2012
      January 9th        
      IntroductionCourse Outline and AssignmentsTheories of Leadership
      January 16th      
      Power (Personal and Position)Situational Leadership ModelMaturity Levels
      January 23rd      
      Case StudiesInterview TechniquesCovering Letters and Resumes
      January 30th      
      Leadership and ManagementLeadership StylesIntervention       Win/Lose
      February 6th      
      SupervisionPerformance Appraisal                             
      February 13th    
      February 20th    
      Reading Week – No Classes
      February 27th    
      March 5th            
      The Importance of Unions – Management and Union  PerspectivesGuest Speakers:  David Climenhaga, Communications Director - Associated Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE)Pilar Martinez, Executive Director - Public Services, Edmonton Public Library
      March 12th          
      Case Study Presentations
      March 19th          
      Case Study Presentations 
      March 26th             
      "Problem Employees”Conflict ResolutionGuest Speaker – Margaret Law, International Relations, Libraries, University of Alberta
      April 2nd              
      Leadership Summary Presentations
      April 9th                    
      Leadership Development – Personal Action PlansWrap-Up

      Readings and Resources

      No required text. 


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