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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LIS 594 - Records Management

LIS 594 - Records Management

Course Outline

Calendar Description:

To develop an understanding of active records management.
  1. To acquire an understanding of the scope, objectives and principles of records management.
  2. To understand the similarities and differences between records management, archives management, librarianship, and business administration.
  3. To be capable of promoting and improving records management within an organization and to be a more efficient reference librarian in knowing where there are sources of information other than published sources.
  • Objectives, elements, and history of active records management.
  • Evaluation, design, implementation, management, and audit of active records systems.
  • Records organization and dissemination (including semi-active and offsite records control).
  • Document control (correspondence, forms, reports, reproductions, mail, micromaterials, new information technology).
Lectures, readings, discussions, and tours. Eighteen lectures and four tours.
Course Relationships:
Elective course. Prerequisite: LIS 501.


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