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Monday, January 30, 2012

Information and Library Science Profession @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Information and Library Science 

@ FIX University Cultural Campus

"More than 125,000 librarians now work in academic, school and public libraries across the country.  Many librarians come to the profession as a second or third career.  When asked why they made the switch, these career changers cite everything from the thrill of the hunt for information to a desire to "give back" and connect people with free resources to a desire to streamline and improve research methods.

"As the needs of library users change and evolve, so are libraries and librarians. With the 2000 Census documenting the trend toward a non-white majority in the United States, libraries are building multilingual collections, offering Internet classes in Spanish and focusing on adding staff from different races and ethnicities.

"Completion of a Master's of Library Science (MLS) degree is the on-ramp to a career as a librarian.  The MLS opens more doors than the ones that lead into libraries.

"'We invite people to learn more about this dynamic and important career." John W. Berry, past ALA president

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