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Friday, September 6, 2013

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Syria and her Air Defense

On paper, Syria has one of the strongest SAM networks in the Middle East. It would appear to offer a significant degree of protection. However, history showed us that this is not true.


Range of the Syrian SAM sites. Thanks to ausairpower.net


The Syrian Air Defense network remains incapable in dealing with the Israeli Air Force. Reliance on Soviet SAM'sand Radar systems provides a serious handicap. New hardware was bought after the Israeli attack on the Deir ezZor nuclear facility in 2007. New hardware includes: Pantsir-S19K317 Buk-M2 and Pechora-2M.


The most modern hardware is mostly stationed in the Western part of Syria to protect the Syrian Airspace against Israeli attacks. Not that this tactic worked particuarly well, the Israeli Air Force penetrated Syrian airspace multiple times in the last decades without suffering any losses. The attack on the arms convoy and the supposed attack on the military research center serves as an example.

Click here for more on the Syrian Air Defense Force



MANPADS(Under Army command)


Towed Anti-Aircraft guns(Under Army command, mostly used against ground targets)


Improvised Mobile Anti-Aircraft guns(Under Army command, mostly used against ground targets)


    Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft guns(Under Army command, mostly used against ground targets)


    Self-propelled SAM systems

    Static SAM systems



      Click here to download the locations of the SAM sites in Syria on Google Earth.

      Thanks to ausairpower.net there are some pictures that describe the SAM network in Syria

      Location of SAM sites

      Location of Electronic Warfare sites

      Range of the SAM sites

      Range of the SA-2 SAM sites 

      Range of the SA-3 SAM sites  

      Range of the SA-5 SAM sites

      Range of the SA-6 SAM sites

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