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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Webby Awards 2013 / Agenda Cultural @ FIX University Campus newsRus.com

Fernando IX University
Fernando IX University 

Special Achievement

http://www.barackobama.com/WEBBY BREAKOUT OF THE YEARObama For America 2012
The Webby Awards are proud to honor Chief Technology Officer Harper Reed, Chief Innovation and Integration Officer Michael Slaby, Digital Director Teddy Goff, and the other members of President Obama’s tech team as Webby Breakout of the Year for its successful 2012 Obama for America digital campaign. The team's historic campaigning effort masterfully combined savvy political and tech genius to become the secret weapon behind Obama’s commanding reelection. Their efforts proved the Web to be an integral part of modern political campaigning. The team's ability to harness the Web for political ends was groundbreaking; they revolutionized the way future campaigns will be implemented across the globe. Most significantly, the team's unique understanding of the power of big data ensured a real-time analysis of American voters that enabled the team to more efficiently read and target voters than ever before. This understanding of data coupled with unprecedented social tactics used to engage voters on the Web, demonstrated exactly how effective the Internet can be in garnering significant fundraising contributions and mobilizing individuals around a cause or campaign. Their innovative achievement is truly inspiring and deserving of this years Webby Breakout of the Year Award.

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