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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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OWA Mobile Cloud for Future Mobile Devices

Detailed architecture at: willie.lu OWA mobile cloud architecture tremendously reduces the processing tasks in the mobile device by pushing much ...
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GTC 2012 Keynote (Part 05): The World's First GPU for Cloud Computing

Watch the rest of the GTC 2012 Keynote here: bit.ly Jen-Hsun Huang presents about NVIDIA Kepler, the world's first GPU designed for the cloud ...
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Member Admin for Salesforce - Cloud Association Software

Cloud Association Software, giving your members a Private Social Network. Secure payment processing including BACS Paperless Direct Debit ...
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Kinect Projection Mapper Prototype WIP

basic elements working: real-world coordinate system, point-cloud processing, skeletal tracking, color data, registration (alignment) of data layers ...
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Iris Piano Cloud.mov

Processing a processed Piano Cloud (an arpeggio I played on a piano and then processed with various Plugs) in Iris
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SAIC's Cloud Computing Data Center

SAIC has put into operation its new state-of-the-art cloud computing data center, which was implemented to host SAIC's enterprise services ...
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GPUs Power Penguin Computing, from HPC to Cloud and on to the Enterprise

In this video, Tom Coull from Penguin Computing describes the company's GPU-powered computing solutions for HPC. Penguin On Demand has offered ...
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Point Cloud of 35 billions in AutoCAD - Undet project (real time performance presentation)

Point Cloud of 35 billions in AutoCAD management with point cloud software UNDET. In this presentation you will see: - navigation - data slicing ...
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Sage One Payroll Processing a Pay Run

Sage One Payroll is simple cloud payroll software that allows you to process pay runs, stay up to date with changes to USC, automatically ...
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Red Clouds 3-29-12

Clouds red over Europe & Africa at 8am their time, One and a half hours later after this video was finished processing, I went back to webcam and ...
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How to start Undet point cloud toolbox pallete after installation

In this video you will learn how to start Undet point cloud toolbox pallete after installation
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ONKYO TX-NR717 Preview (MHL 3D InstaPrevue Cloud Streaming Spotify 4K AVR)

Preview of the new TX-NR717 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver. Features: Wireless Cloud Streaming, Internet Radio, and PC-Based Music (eg MP3tunes ...
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Building a Media Sharing Platform on the AWS Cloud | Carlos CONDE

This session will demonstrate how to build a production-grade media sharing website on AWS. During the workshop we will take you through the ...
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Example: Controlling Processing via TouchOSC (Playing with the Kinect!)

This is a quick capture from the Kinect in which I briefly show that I'm controlling some Processing code via OSC messages sent from TouchOSC on ...
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Condos and Clouds

Pat Helland has been working in distributed systems, transaction processing, databases, and similar areas since 1978. For most of the 1980s, he ...
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Point cloud with Microsoft Kinect and Processing.org

Very simple Point-cloud demo with Microsoft Kinect and Processing.org. Kinect is basically 3D scanner with normal RGB-camera AND IR-laser AND IR ...
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Point Cloud Intensity gama corection in AutoCAD with Undet. Changes can be previewed in real time.

Point Cloud (3D scan data) visibility can be improved by gama correction directly in AutoCAD. Changes can be previewed in real time. Undet is ...
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The Robotics And Innovation Club, College Of engineering Roorkee. Lets r...
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Point Cloud on AutoCAD with Undet. Improve visibility by generating orthoimage and go to details.

Point Cloud (PointCloud - 3D scan data) can be easy converted to ortho image directly in AutoCAD. This possibility enables you to get the details ...
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Parallel Processing ETL - Incremental Load

In this video, we demonstrate how to handle incremental load requirements using parallel processing etl tool. The demo is based on daily stock ...
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Parallel Processing ETL - MongoDB

In this video, we demonstrate how to pull data from MongoDB using parallel processing etl tool. The demo is based on my favorite subject, old ...
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